The heart of meditation

The heart of meditation podcards are just the essential habits of mind that you need to inculcate to quiet you mind and stay with your thoughts. Use their gentle reminder in your daily practice to reflect on and to break your habitual ways of thinking.

[0039]Accepting the endListen now (4 min) | May you allow the space for death
[0038]Indulging livingnessListen now (3 min) | May you always find joy in livingness
[0037]Facing fearsListen now (4 min) | May you not run away from your emotions
[0036]Being positiveListen now (3 min) | May you stay positive
[0035]Being observantListen now (3 min) | May you notice what you have failed to notice
[0034]Being delightedListen now (3 min) | May your heart be always open to miracle and mystery
[0033]Fostering creativityListen now (3 min) | May you revel in imagination
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