Mar 3, 2022 • 3M

[0020]Living peaceably

May you be less severe towards others

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The heart of meditation podcards are just the essential habits of mind that you need to inculcate to quiet you mind and stay with your thoughts. Use their gentle reminder in your daily practice to reflect on and to break your habitual ways of thinking.
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Māna (Sanskrit: मान) is an attitude of excessive pride in yourself and your abilities. It is conceit that stems from your overrated sense of personal value, based solely on your qualifications, wealth, learning, or any of the other markers of social standing. Study after study has shown that people tend to think that they are better than average, especially when it comes to their abilities and their conduct in issues of morality. As social animals, we need to present ourselves as being beneficial and effective so that we attract as many friends, lovers, or collaborators as we can. The problem is that beneath this thin veneer of public posturing is the vague uncertainty that you are not quite as knowledgeable and efficient as you believe; that your learnings and achievements are not as profound as you believe. It can be no other way—all you have achieved and accomplished is more by dint of luck and circumstance than any innate ability and there is always going to be someone else who will outdo you in favourably presenting themselves to others. Very soon, your world is filled with millions of other challengers, countless numbers of whom will present opportunities, real or imaginary, for games of undignified oneupmanship or other narcissistic pursuits. So instead of constantly vying for social standing, be kinder to yourself. Accept that you are constantly learning and growing and that you do not have to compete to prove your value. You’ll find that you’re more empathetic towards other people; that you nurture others’ ideas and ways of doing things; and that your world, in general, is less caustic.

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