What are podcards?​

Podcards are pocketable podcasts. They are simple, printed (and printable) flash cards containing gems of traditional wisdom that you can use in your practice or work into your daily routine. They are timely reminders on your path towards self discovery, but they are also simply a way to invite compassion, love, and kindness into your life.

How do I use podcards?

Tune in to our podcasts and use their little snippets of wisdom to bring a little love and kindness into your life. That’s it! If you really love them as much as we do, consider buying the card deck or printing your own podcards. You can always listen to the podcast episode by pointing your phone’s camera at the handy QR code on the face of your card.

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Podcards are brief, beautiful, and pocketable sound bites of timeless wisdom to bring back more love and kindness into your life.